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February 2024

Our February college care package subscribers got to experience ultimate comfort and productivity. Our Calm & Cozy box featured indulgent flavors like a fudge brownie mug mix and salted caramel caffeinated energy bites to elevate your senses, along with energizing bites like bars and beef jerky. The Digital Detox deck was the perfect gift for unwinding and reclaiming focus, offering 100 innovative ways to combat tech addiction and boost efficiency. The Elite Energizer box was packed with protein-rich treats such as jerky, mixed nuts, and energy bars. They received Spek's Crags to elevate concentration, an adult fidget toy magnetic putty, designed to keep distractions at bay. And don't forget the B12 awake patch to revitalize after those late-night study sessions. The February StudyBreak care package really embraced the balance of relaxation and productivity.

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MARCH 2024

What are people saying?

Maxine L.

I'm thrilled with the StudyBreak boxes I sent to my daughter at school. Each month, a fun selection of goodies arrives, giving her a burst of happiness and a touch of home to her busy college life. From energizing snacks to cozy gifts, StudyBreak has mastered the art of delivering joy. It reminds her she is loved and supported, even from afar. 
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