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Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about StudyBreak's curated college care packages. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • What addresses can I ship to?
    We deliver to any complete address in the good ol’ USA! House, apartment, dorm…if you have the complete address, we’ll ship there. One quick note - please ensure the shipping address can accept packages of approximately 12x12x5 in size. Need to update your student’s address? No problem - we moved mid-year as well. Just update in your account or send us a message to and we’ll update for you!
  • When will my gift ship, and when should they receive it? What about breaks?
    We know every college/university schedule is a bit different. To work around the majority of schedules, your box will ship mid-month with the exception of November and December to account for holiday breaks. We’ll ship those boxes earlier! If you have a specific concern (May term, J-term, trimesters, and everything in between), send us a message and we’ll flex the shipping date if possible! We use UPS ground to ship all gifts, and you will receive a tracking number on the day the boxes ship. Want delivery updates? Sign up for UPS My Choice (pssst - it’s free!) for delivery alerts and updates.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    We’d hate to see you go, but we get it - things change! Please email us prior to the 1st of the month to cancel that month’s order. Issues with your order? We love to make things right - send us a note and we’ll try to work our magic.
  • What about dietary restrictions?
    Dietary restrictions are no joke, and we want your student to enjoy every last bit of their gift! Let us know your needs during the ordering process and we’ll make the necessary substitutions. Please note - some snacks may have been processed in a facility with nuts and other allergens.
  • What are the differences between “Calm & Cozy” and “Elite & Energized”?
    We keep most snacks similar between each package, but some snacks and gift items will differ slightly between the two. For “Calm and Cozy”, think sweater weather, pumpkin spice and everything nice. For Elite & Energized, think heartier game-day snacks with a little less pumpkin spice. :)
  • What will be in each gift? Can I customize or choose the items?
    We don’t want to toot our own horn, but have won awards for our thoughtfully curated gifts. We work with an expert group of gift-getters (aka college students) to choose 8-10 craft, healthy, unique and cool snacks and gifts. We use seasonality and trends to help identify the most unique range of products that we include each month. Rest assured, we'll make sure the selection is student approved. Check out our past boxes - we can’t wait to wow your student!
  • Why can’t I see what exactly is going to be in each box?
    Life is full of surprises, right?! We want you and your student to be surprised and excited by the gift they are about to receive. Once the gift ships, we’ll send a photo of the box, along with tracking information so you have a sneak peak at their goodies.
  • Can I purchase just one box?
    Yep! We know some relationships take time to grow. You can purchase a single-month box for any academic month…but watch out, you might find yourself coming back for more. 🙂
  • How will I be billed?
    Your payment method that you input during the checkout process will be billed on the first of the month each month of your subscription. You can update your payment method in your account at any time!
  • How much is shipping?
    We love our UPS team, and we’ve been working hard to get great rates so you can reap the benefits. Domestic shipping to the continental US is a flat rate of $15 per box, and shipping to those states a little further (Alaska & Hawaii) is a flat rate of $25 per box.
  • Do you put a note in the box? Will my student get a receipt inside the gift showing the price?
    Of course! We want you to get all the glory without all the hassle of running to 10 different stores and waiting in line at the post office. Each box comes with a custom note, addressed to your student and signed by you (or whoever you’d like to include as the signor). We’ll either include our standard message, or you can customize what your message says. Put a receipt in the box?? My mom always taught me to remove the price before giving a gift, and that’s how we operate. No receipt; just the items, a custom note and lots of love. 🙂
  • My tracking says the order was delivered, but my student hasn’t received it?
    Oh no! Here are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the situation: Call your student and make sure they checked their mailroom, front desk or other delivery location in their building. Call the shipping provider - we wish we controlled the entire process, but once it is picked up from our location, UPS is in control. Have your tracking number handy and get all of the information you can from them. If you’re still having trouble locating the gift, send us a note at and we’ll see if there is anything else we can do. No promises, but we’ll certainly try!
  • Why does my subscription show as suspended when I log into my account?
    If your subscription was ordered prior to the first of the month it will ship in (Fall/Full Year - September / Spring - January), it will show as suspended until that date hits and the subscription is live!
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