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December Finals Survival Kit - ONE TIME

One last push to get your student through finals week and into the holiday break! The Finals Week Survival Kit will be filled with energizing snacks to power through the all nighters, brain boosters to retain the information from the all nighters, and a few things to help them decompress (all with a touch of festivity!).  Shipping to the continental US is included in monthly price.


Please order by Sunday, November 26. Boxes will ship the week of 12/4 to ensure arrival prior to the end of the semester. 


Choose the theme for your box:

  • Calm & Cozy: Perfect for your cozy, artsy, festive campus crusader 

  • Elite Energizer: Perfect for the sports enthusiast, active, intellectual adventurer 

*Some months may have the same box for everybody, some months will be customized to theme chosen


Personalized Notecard:

  • Please include who you'd like the card addressed to and signed from.
  • If you'd like to include a personalized message, please type it in the box. Otherwise, we will include our standard message for the current month! 

December Finals Survival Kit - ONE TIME

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